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Samia "vom Dünner Land" (called Sammy)
studbook no. VDH/DDC 120957, studbook book no. 107, her breeding allownis since 23th June 2012 is final.
born on 23rd February 2008.


her parents are:

Umarnia "vom Dünner Land",
studbook no. VDH/DDC 111378
Desperado "vom Hause Wonderful",studbook no. VDH/DDC 116182

Zlink to breeders homepage:

Petra und Ulrich EbkeDeutsche Doggen "vom Dünner Land"

Sammy at her 10th birthday (23rd February 2018 (best doing is sleeping):
Yes I am awakenow I am completely awakeI am always completely awakeI am almost sleeping (donĀ“t wake me up)I am slowly awaking
Ja, ich bin fast wachYes I am half awakeI am a little bit completely awakeI am a little bit completely awake 

Sammy at 18th February 2018 - 5 days before her 10th birthday:


Sammy with daugther Patsy and Shirly and Sasko at 16th April 2017:

Sammy at July 2012:


Sammy at 14th October 2012:


Sammy in January 2011:


Sammy in July 2010:


Special diashow Paula with Sammy and Kaya with Sammy at 2nd August 2009:


Sammy at 2nd August 2009:


Paula and Sammy at 5th July 2009:


Sammy with Kaya and Paula at May 2009:


Sammy with Kaya and Paula on 12th July 2008:


Samia at 24th May 2008:


Samia at her 1st do show in Holtorf at 25th May 2008: